Initial consultation and Diagnosis :


And initial hair treatment consultation is likely to lost one and one half hrs. During this time the trichologist will ask many questions about your health, family history, life style and diet.

Microscopic Analysis:

A close analysis allow us to identify common root problems such as dirt and styling product built up, bacteria and fungus, DHT enzymes symptoms, sebum build up and look of hair mutation. Our analysis work for men and women. We use this analysis to

  • Determine whether your rate of hair fall recessive
  • Establish whether the growing hair bulbs are normal
  • Confirm the presence of certain inherited hair problems.
  • Assess the structural damage to the hair.
  • Check for fungus or like.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a general term characterizing loss of hair well in overload of the normal 50-100 hair strands per day. In definite cases even though the hair loss is within regular limits, for different reasons, the body stops growing new hair, leading to a gradual state of baldness.

Anyone can experience hair loss – men, women and children though it is normally seen to get worse with advancing age. Certain statistics state that approximately 30 percent of people experience hair fall by 30 years of age and approximately 50 percent get hair loss by the time they turn 50.

Women develop hair loss almost as frequently as men do but they don’t lose much of the volume due to hormonal differences. The patterns of hair loss also differ in both the sexes and this has been discussed at a later stage.

The response of people to hair loss varies from leaving the condition to run its own course to covering it up with hats, wigs, hair pieces, toupees, etc. Many rush to acquire lotions, pills, shampoos to curb the hair loss. And then there are even those who would take up the surgical option for freedom from progressing baldness. Whatever the options available, consult THE FIRST CERTIFIED TRICHOLOGIST OF VADODARA FROM IAT AUSTRALIA Dr JYOTI PATIL.