One of the most irritating and itchy thing that keeps coming back to the scalp is dandruff. They tend to be distressing and embarrassing because how much you fight against it, they always come back with a huge army. Basically, Dandruff is a condition of the scalp, where flakes of skin keeps appearing and is generally supplemented by itching.


Flaking: It is a condition, where scalp skin tends to renew itself repeatedly. As a result, the old dead skin starts accumulating at rapid rate and forms visible clumps of flakes across the scalp. This kind of condition is common in both dry and oily skin

Scalp Itchiness: Also termed as seborrheic dermatitis, scalp itchiness is more common in sensitive skin. As dandruff keeps accumulating, it can lead to scabbed or flaking skin. Besides dandruff, hormonal imbalance and seasonal changes can also lead to scalp itchiness.

The worst part of this problem is that its exact cause is not known. It cannot be directly linked to poor hygiene but not washing and brushing your hair too often can be considered as one of the reasons they keep accumulating. They are common to every scalp and doesn’t cause any harm. But they can be hazardous if associated with any skin or medical conditions or possibly caused due to use of harmful chemicals. Moreover, there is no permanent remedy for its treatment as they keep coming back but some home remedies are available to keep dandruffs at bay. Let’s have a look on some of the remedies.

Home remedies

There are certain home remedies available that can help eliminate dandruff by decelerating the growth of skin cells or neutralizing the yeast production, if that is the cause. However, the effectiveness of remedies depends on the age of the patient and severity of the condition. Let’s find out some of the home remedies that can remove dandruff with some changes in lifestyle.

  • Management of stress: Stress can activate dandruff in some people, so handling anxiety efficiently can lessen symptoms.
  • Cleaning your scalp with Shampoo regularly: Dandruff is more common on oily scalp and the only way to get rid of them is to wash them on regular basis.
  • Sunlight: A little sunlight exposure can help reduce formation of dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil: If you are not allergic to tea tree oil, you can prepare a mixture of this oil and apply on your scalp to see visible results.
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Causes of dandruff

Since the exact cause of dandruff is unknown, there are various theories attached to it. One of them is changes in hormone production, especially during puberty. Here is the list of 10 more possible causes of dandruff.

Seborrheic dermatitis: People suffering from seborrheic dermatitis have irritated and oily skin and chances of having dandruff is high. They are severe enough to affect areas like breastbone, back of the ears, side of the nose and eyebrows. It is common for skin to turn red and greasy and the affected area is generally covered with yellow or flaky white scales.

Seborrheic dermatitis is closely related with Malassezia. It is a fungus that typically exists on the scalp and nourishes on the oils that hair follicles secrete. They can turn into a bigger problem if they are switched to overactive mode, leading to irritated scalp and production of extra skin cells and hence dandruff.

Not brushing your hair too often: Combing or brushing the hair on a regular basis can eliminate the possibility of dandruff as it allows normal shedding of skin.

Yeast infection: Sensitive skin are more prone to yeast formation and hence the chances of dandruff is also high. They are more common in winter season as absence of ultraviolet-A (UVA) light from the sun in winters cannot counteracts with the yeast frequently.

Dry skin: In winter season, when the air is cold and rooms are overheated, it is the dry skin, which is mostly affected as this combination gives itchy and flaky skin.

Skin care products: Several hair care products can activate itchy and reddish scalp and also everyday shampooing may lead to dandruff as it can irritate the scalp.

Certain skin conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis or any other form of skin disorder is generally responsible for excessive and frequent dandruff. Tinea capitis, also known as scalp ringworm is a fungal contamination that can also cause dandruff.

Medical conditions: If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease or any other neurological disorders, chances are that you are more prone to seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Also, people with low immunity, heart attack patients and HIV patients may have seborrheic dermatitis.

Diet: In case, if you are wondering that you have no severe medical or skin conditions and also, you are not using chemicals on your scalp and still suffering from hair loss, then you are not consuming healthy diet that contains zinc, vitamin B and essential fats.

Mental stress: Stress is the leading cause of hair fall especially in today’s generation as there is a direct link between stress and various skin problems.

Age: Dandruff generally starts from adolescence to middle age, even though it can be lifetime. It affects men more than women, perhaps the causes are related to hormones.

What Hair Ensure Does to Treat Dandruff?

Severe dandruff cases requires intensive care and cannot be treated with home remedies. Here, you need an expert to deal with your dandruff. At Hair Ensure, we examine the root cause of dandruff and then suggest the most appropriate treatment. Whether it is about constraining yeast explosion, improving scalp health or limiting the scalp oiliness, treatments are performed based on expert guidance.

  • Diagnose: We follow a step-by-step process to evaluate your scalp.
  • Treat: Once the problem is revealed, we deliver accurate treatment to help you bid adieu to dandruffs
  • Maintain: We take follow-ups to monitor results and help you maintain dandruff-free hair by advising you about the right diet and medications.

We understand the scalp is the sensitive portion of the body and cannot handle too much medications. Therefore we give medications based on hair type, lifestyle, skin sensitivity and other basic requirements. At Hair Ensure, our proficient team is here to guide you and help get rid of dandruff with the accurate and targeted medication. To book an appointment, call us now.