What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

The process of hair thickening and baldness in men and women is a common phenomenon especially if the major cause of hair loss is related to Male Pattern Baldness, Alopecia, female pattern baldness or Androgenetic baldness. As a result, more and more people are opting for non-surgical solution to achieve natural and healthy hair that are free from side-effects. Non-Surgical Hair Replacements can bring to the surface a natural and lustrous hair that surpasses your expectancy.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement helps eliminate itchy wigs and other hairpiece that doesn’t fit properly for both women and men. The innovative expertise used as a non-surgical hair replacement solution offers you a lustorous hair that you always dreamed of. If you are afraid of surgery but still tempting for a healthy, lustrous and natural hair, non-surgical hair replacement solution can solve your problem. You can see visible results in the first sitting itself as it is effective as well as worth of your money.

It is essential to get the basic understanding of hair terminologies before getting into this treatment. For instance, the term “Hair System’ refers to a particular section of your scalp where hair is missing and hair is created for that portion. A High-end hair system is made with human hair that fits into your head and covers the area, where hair is missing. However, if you are undergoing some medical treatment, then you must understand that how this process works and whether it will work on your scalp or not.

Types of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


Hair loss Products: Shampoos and other topical products along with pills and vitamins can be used to prevent hair loss. They contain ingredients responsible for hair regrowth and for slowing down hair fall. But the market is overflowing with myriads of such products and in such a scenario, consumers must take advice of experts before using any of the items.

Hair replacement pieces: Hair replacement items such as cap wigs, full wigs, integration hairpieces and weaves can efficiently disguise bald spots and hair thinning instigated by all kinds of hair loss. A potentially first-rate alternative for non-surgical hair replacement, hairpieces are fabricated from a different variety of materials, extending from the best quality human hair to affordable synthetic strands. However, it is advised that buyers inspect hairpieces in person instead of ordering them via Internet or over the phone.

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How does this treatment works?

A Membrane is stick on to the scalp, already filled with natural hair. Once it is glued to the scalp, it is mixed well with the original hair that already exists on your head to give a natural look. The hair on the membrane is synchronized with the existing hair in terms of volume and shade. Such addition requires contribution of Modern Bonding Materials to protect them and meanwhile makes you appear confident while you wear it.


As per your budget, preference and severity of hair loss, you can choose among the tons of options available to camouflage your scalp and achieve a natural look. In case of non-surgical hair replacement solution, it is affordable and is available in different hair qualities, depending on your hair type. It is cheaper than expensive surgical treatment and you don’t have to wait and undergo operations to get naturally looking hair.

You could straightaway notice the changes in your look and it can be used for longer period of time. Moreover, you don’t have to experience the pain and struggle of surgery along with the fear of infection and scarring caused during series of operations. After examining the causes of your hair loss along with your budget, preferences and needs, you can select the best option available based on your hair type.

Efficiency of Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

However, the accuracy of the claims made by several dealers of hair restoration lotions, shampoos and pills, unfortunately, is not proved. It is vital that you refer a trustworthy hair restoration professional who can recommend hair loss treatments and products that are verified and can deliver best results to you.

All you need is self-confidence that acts as a perfect tool and help you believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for surgical or non-surgical treatment, the purpose of this treatment is to make you feel good about yourself. At Hair Ensure, we aim to deliver confidence along with happiness to our customers. For any query, contact our customer care service and give us a chance to help bring back your confidence.