Patients Review’s

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It is wonderful and the doctor has customized system for every patient which is an advantage. The medicines and other hair care products are also very effective and give amazing results. Further, all the products are herbal and therefore the result is permanent, safe and truly value for money. Thank you Hairensure for your great assistance.

Rahulkumar Rathod

This is the scientific trichology centre in baroda. I found very good consultancy with doctor. she has explained very well in details like treatment option and result after treatment. I have followed treatment and getting superb result.


Pretty good treatment to control hairloss, doctor is quite supportive as well as the staff is very friendly. Just one thing is that you have to be patient with the treatment to get working. It works very effectively once you continue it as per advice. Must visit here if you are suffering from hair problems.

Tarun Verma

The feel of hair coming back on the scalp is such a thrilling one that hardly people with hair would understand specially those sitting in the saloons to get them cut. A place where this thrill is experienced is at the Hairensure Trichology Clinic. Overall best in town to revive what is lost.

Bhavana Goyal

I am taking treatment for hair loss for about 4 months & I have experienced good result in terms of both stoppage of hair loss which happened as quickly as a few days & regrowth of lost hair which is happening visibly now. Their service at front end is also very good in terms of comfort, response time & consultancy of the Trichologist.

Vinod Mehta

After taking treatment for dandruff, now there is no dandruff in 4 months, I would like to recommend for this clinic to my friends also

Jishu Palmal

I took PRP treatment and it works just fine....getting great far no complains....recommended highly for all hair loss patients.Hair Ensure great place overall visit .


Result is excellent, I got in just 3-4 months, hair growth has increased & quality also improved. I would definitely recommend needy patient for Hairensure Clinic as doctor is also supportive.

Shaily Shah

I consulted at the 3rd stage of MPB. It worked great. The medications and all the treatment that I came here for was worth it and the results that I hoped for actually happened. Thanks a lot for it Ma'am.


Very much satisfied with the results, doctor is very supportive and I can see continuous improvement in hair growth, hair strength in a very short time. I will strongly recommend Hairensure for needy.

Manan Jambu

Thank you for your good product I have been using your treatment for last 4 months and my hair really has got thicker and stranger and has stopped falling ant badly as before I start treatment. It is the best product I have tried to stop my hair loss getting worst. The price is ok as well.

Chirag Chauhan

I am very satisfied with treatment for hair loss, I got very nice result, if you have hairloss then first visit to HAIRENSURE TRICHOLOGY CLINIC instead of other clinic, you will get better result as compared to other clinics

Ankit Shah

As early my hair were very thin, not increasing in length and not in proper growth but thanks to Hairensure Trichology Clinic as I got my hair growth back. Excellent treatment and it really worth it.

Darshana Vyas

I have undertaken treatment for hair loss and dandruff problems. So far, I am really satisfied with the result and the most important thing is trust. Dr Jyoti Patil is really supportive, soft-spoken and always willing to guide you. The staff members are also nice and cooperative, I would recommend any patient to this clinic on a given day.

Suraj Kumar Garnaik