One of the fundamental elements required for the complete development of human body is protein. Whether it is hair, skin or bones, without proteins, your body will turn fragile and your immune system will be at risk. If your body lacks protein, it will be your hair that will show you the first symptoms in the form of hair limping or hair falling. Dearth of protein signifies that your hair is in the urgent need of a protein treatment.

But Why Should We Opt For Protein Treatment?

It gives boost to your hair by supplying essential nutrients and proteins that are currently lacking in your hair and help rebuild and fortify hair strands. Protein-packed strands allows you to preserve hair health and gives it a smooth texture by keeping it in best possible shape.

Also, if you are planning to get your hair colored or straightened or anything that coats your hair with chemicals, getting a protein treatment before chemically texturizing your hair will protect your strands from permanent damage. Protein treatment will fortify your hair base and provide boost to your scalp by supplying essential nutrients and proteins.

However, excess of everything is injurious for health and same applies for protein too. Undoubtedly, protein is beneficial for hair growth but excess of protein to strands can damage your hair. Therefore stay from products that are having too much of proteins. This means limit the use of protein-based products to avoid over-depositing of protein into the hair.

Generally, your hair give signals that they are craving for a protein treatment. Here are four hair distress signals to understand whether your hair is craving for protein treatment or not.

Hair with High Absorbency

Hair that absorbs or demands more oil and protein are in the urgent need of this treatment. Such hair has split-ends and damaged strands and are generally dry and lifeless. Due to such tears and gaps in the strands, they tend to absorb oil or water in large amount, leading to tangles, frizz and loss of color on color-treated hair. Protein treatment can fill in the gaps and fortify the strands as they nourish the hair with essential nutrients and proteins.

Hair Losing its Elasticity

If your hair is no longer bouncy as it was earlier or it is getting difficult to get those curls back, you hair is facing protein deficiency. To know whether your hair has lost its elasticity or not, just wet a hair strand and stretch it slightly. If it bounces back and regain its original length without breaking from scalp, then it is perfectly balanced but if it doesn’t bounces back and breaks down, then your hair is in urgent need of protein treatment.

Hair is Sticky

The internal support system of hair is damaged if your hair turns sticky or gummy frequently. This means that you hair has been chemically processed too often and has faced excessive heat leading to hair damage. As the support system of hair turns fragile, it loses its smooth texture and turns rough. Protein treatment can help rebuild your hair’s support system and bring its life back.

Excessive usage of hair color

As you color your hair, the original texture of the hair changes and if you color too often, it breaks the hair bonds, leading to split ends and broken strands. Applying protein treatment before hair coloring can protect your hair from damage caused by chemicals and keep your stands healthy and beautiful.



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Types of Protein Hair Treatments

Protein packs: They are for milder damage and to save your hair from further damage. Eventually, you can also include this treatment in your routine maintenance in every 1-2 months.

Light treatments: They are for marginally damaged hair and is best for routine maintenance. This treatment is often termed as a conditioning mask or leave-in treatment.

Deep penetrating treatments: They work bests for moderately damaged hair as the treatment is intensely moisturizing and it can be used every 2 weeks.

Reconstructors: Hair that is severely damaged due to hair color treatments or heat styling must opt for reconstructors. They can be used every 1-2 weeks.

Human hair consisits of strong, fibrous protein in the form of keratin that keeps them strong and lustrous. In the absence of keratin like protein, hair loses its shine and starts experiencing several hair problem like dryness, dandruff, hair fall etc. Now, if you want to keep your hair strands healthy and nourishing, contact with our Hair Ensure style specialists to know how much protein does your hair need to restore those building blocks.